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Proximity Marketing: Local Businesses Listen Up!

Local Business Marketing

Did you know that the technology exists to have every person with an Android phone and Blue Tooth, who comes within 100 yards of your location, receive a message from your business. it comes... that message can be whatever you want it to be about. This magical new marketing form is called Proximity Marketing. Let's look at some examples.

Let's say you're a coffee shop, how about saying "Come on in for $1 off your coffee today!" It can even include a link to your website. Salons, can offer a coupon for a discount haircut or color. Shops of all kinds can offer simple coupons and an invite the user to come on in. Restaurants, let people know your daily special to sway their mind about where they're having lunch or dinner. The possibilities go on and on. Proximity Marketing can even happen wherever you're located, even when you're outside the shop or office. It's the digital version of the walking billboard!

Don't even get me started on services! Do you install custom tile? Do you sell insurance? Are you a plumber, an electrician, a lawn service, etc.? Put one in your truck so that wherever you are that notification goes out to all and you're inviting them to give you a try. Whatever you want to say is fine and including a link to a landing page on your website allows for your genius marketing plan to take over! Marketers like us can offer free website audits to business owners or tell them about content creation to help them blog. But the possibilities don't stop there!

Lawyers in busy locations, let everyone know how you can help them. Mortgage Brokers, let everyone know what the re-fi rate is or how much a payment will be for new home buyers. My personal favorite? Realtors!!!!! Good grief you could have every person with an Android phone that drives by your listing get a notification of the price and a link to more pictures - think of how quickly your listings will get sold now! Proximity Marketing is limitless!!


Of course I saved the best for last. First, you have to know that Android now represents 60% of the cell phone market. IPhones may have been the best in the beginning but enough time has passed in the meantime, not to mention that Android continues to offer more affordable options, and now they've finally taken over. I know, I know, I prefer the iPhone also. Always have and probably always will but you cannot deny the statistics when you are considering the next layer to your marketing plan. And here's the kicker... You can get this technology put in your location for $25/month. Yes, there is a one-time account activation fee of $30 and a one-time shipping fee of $10. Additionally, they require the first and last month up front. So here's what it looks like to get this type of marketing for your location: $25 x 2 (First and last month) + $30 activation fee + 10 shipping = $90 up front and then $25/month thereafter with the ability to cancel any time you want.

Please do not tell me this is too much money. If it is, then you shouldn't be in business. The great thing is they also have packages that include more locations. Have 3 locations or business vehicles? That's okay, you can get 3 for $49/month or even 8 locations for $99/month. And the coolest part is that each location can have a different message that can be changed each and every day if you want. Proximity Marketing is AMAZING!!

That's not all, the token that uses the Google Based technology is small enough to put in your purse so if you want to reach people wherever you are, just slip it in your purse and you will literally reach everyone within 100 yards of you all through the day. My upcoming trip to New York will be amazing!!!! Get your spouse to carry one in their pocket, at 1 inch by 1 inch the token can fit anywhere. It's not available yet for iPhones, but you can bet it will be coming soon.

Want to learn more about how to get this for your company? Click Here

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